The nostalgic side of a city – Month in Buenos Aires - HAVANA CLUB GAP YEAR

 Buenos Aires, a city with a past that still lives in the present, with an enormous influence from Europe, but a city that at the same time created its own style. A style that has influenced many more and that has been growing throughout time.

Walking around Buenos Aires is like walking inside a novel, romance novel or not, on novel that tells the story of a beautiful city; of its narrow streets, its music, its food, its day to day. A novel that one wants to keep reading, corner to corner, door to door, person to person.

Buenos Aires government trying to preserve tradition and culture; certified 73 bars, candy shops, billiards, as very important for the city. 73 places called ‘Notables’

Notables, because they have been in the city for a long time, they have kept their location exactly the same and they hosted important people in the past.

A great way to see another side of Buenos Aires, the nostalgic but at the same time one side Argentines feel really proud of.

Here, the official list of notables bars in Buenos Aires: 

Would you enjoy seeing this side of Buenos Aires?

- Julián -